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The Lost Son

min 2, max 8 persons
from € 17,- p.p.
In the centre of Den Bosch you can find a small café. The café has a long mysterious history. It used to be owned by the family Bosch, mother, father and son. 
The proud father christened the building ‘Café the son’. It seemed to be a happy family, until mother disappeared one day. There were whispers on the street of people saying that she wanted to leave her husband, but this was never confirmed. 

The story got shrouded in more mystery when the son disappeared one day too. Last to stay behind was father, Henricus Bosch. It seemed that he would spend the rest of his days as the owner and bartender of the café that he renamed ‘café the lost son’. 
When his regulars entered the Karrenstraat on Saturday morning for the first cup of the day, they were met with an empty café. 
Wooden planks were installed in front of the windows and a big chainlink lock could be found on the door…  it seemed as if father, the last remaining family member of the Bosch’s, too had disappeared. 

Eventually the café was handed down to the current owner, who is very interested in solving the mystery surrounding the disappearing family members. 
Until recently it seemed that the history of the café would always remain a mystery along with its disappearing family members. Until the new owner tried renovating the building and found a secluded room in the building. 

Dive into the café’s past and unravel the mystery of Family Bosch. 


  • With a max of 8 people you can try to unravel the mystery
  • It starts with an explanation of 15 minutes and then you will get 60 minutes to get out of the locked room.
  • This Escape room is also available in English. Please mention this in your booking if you prefer.