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Merlin's Magic

min 2, max 6 persons
from € 22,- p.p.

Enter the enchanting world of Merlin's Magic Escape Room! 

Step into the shoes of adventurers and become the heroes of a magical tale that will ignite your imagination. Merlin, the legendary wizard, conducted an experiment that went terribly wrong in his mysterious workshop. Now he is trapped in the enchanted mirror, and only you can help him escape!

The Story:

In the dark corners of Merlin's tower, a great mystery has unfolded. Due to an unfortunate twist of fate, Merlin has become trapped in the nearest mirror, where his powerful magic is now imprisoned. His loyal snow owl is inconsolable and needs your help to rescue Merlin. Fortunately, the living paintings of Merlin have seen everything, and they will guide you on this epic adventure.

The Challenge:

You will enter an enchanted world filled with riddles, puzzles, and magical secrets. Confront the mysteries of medieval magic as you collaborate with the living paintings. Only by solving the puzzles and unraveling the enchantments can you save Merlin and break the spell.

What Awaits You:

Enter Merlin's enchanted workshop, filled with ancient spellbooks and mysterious artifacts. Work together with the living paintings, who will provide you with clues and hints to progress. Discover hidden rooms, decipher ancient spells, and get closer to the ultimate goal: freeing Merlin from the mirror. Feel the adrenaline rise as the clock ticks – can you save Merlin in time?

A Magical Adventure Awaits:

Merlin's Magic Escape Room offers a unique and immersive experience for groups of friends, families, and colleagues. Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or just looking for an exciting adventure, this escape room will enchant you. Book your spot now and bring the magic of Merlin to life with your team. Rescue Merlin and reunite him with his faithful snow owl. Do you dare to take on the challenge? Can you escape from Merlin's Magic Escape Room? 


  • You can try to free Merlin from the magical mirror with a maximum of 6 people. 
  • You will begin with a 15-minute game explanation and then have 60 minutes to free Merlin. 
  • It is also possible to play this Escape Room in English; please indicate this during your reservation. 
  • The game is played in a cool cellar.