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The Battle (2 Teams)

min 5, max 8 persons
from € 17,- p.p.

Escape Box - The Battle

Discover the ultimate sensation that is not just an escape room, but an unprecedented adventure! Our Escape Box takes the concept to new heights and lets you experience a unique experience like never before. Dive into the excitement as the space around you plays a crucial role in solving challenging puzzles. 

The story

Behind the doors of a seemingly normal tech company lies a mega-smart artificial intelligence that turns history upside down. We're talking about an AI that is so progressive that you wonder if the future has secretly caught up with us.

What happens when a group of avid hackers (yes, you), determined to prove their skills, discover that this technology isn't just there for the taking? Right, they go full throttle and decide to sneak into the office of this secret tech lab to crack the core of the AI and steal the source code. A mission that is not for the faint of heart, but hey, the reward and fame beckon!

As you explore the virtual bowels of the AI, you discover that this artificial intelligence is not as well-behaved as the company claims. Very stubborn and has a learning ability that is worth mentioning. Fortunately, the hackers (you) have installed a firewall to keep things under control. But hey, just an hour, no more!

The AI makes itself heard throughout the entire experience, occasionally sneering here, making threats there. You just feel that there is more than what they tell you. As if you are not just fighting a machine, but a personality. An opponent you must defeat to complete your mission.

And then, just when you think you're starting to understand everything, you discover that the AI is not just a machine, but has a consciousness. A real brain standing in front of you. The end of this adventure is close...but we won't reveal anything more.

Are you ready for this rollercoaster of technological excitement and choices that could change the world?


Something new, something unique!
Can also be played in Battle mode if you book with more than 4 people.
Fun to play for every target group (even if you are not technical).
It is also possible to play this Escape Box in English, please indicate this when making your reservation