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The Escape Games

min 12, max 200 persons
from € 31,- p.p.

We have a choice of two challenging and nerve-wracking escape games. When making your reservation, please indicate which game you would like to play.

Escape Game: El Dorado

The suspense begins with an intriguing intro video in which you are invited by the notary. Professor Brown has disappeared without a trace during his search for El Dorado. Your mission? Find both the city of gold and the missing professor! In teams of 5 you dive into the jungle, ready for the ultimate battle. Who is smart enough, who is fast enough to be the first to discover the legendary city?

Beware, however, because the clock is ticking mercilessly! Our game host is standing by with hints to help you ahead. These valuable hints will cost you precious minutes, so be careful! Do you dare to take the risk?

It gets even more exciting at the end! Even if you reach the city of gold first, victory is not guaranteed. If you have used more hints than the other team, you can still be defeated. Strategy and teamwork are the keys to success!

With beautiful props and a clever tablet in your hands, follow Professor Brown's trail. Solve puzzles, unravel riddles and discover the mystery of El Dorado. So, adventurers, are you ready to explore the jungle, find the city of gold and rescue Professor Brown? Gather your team, let the adventure begin and make history in your quest for El Dorado!

Escape Game: Save The World

You wake up and look around, and you have no idea where you are. You try to come loose, but you are stuck. Panic is what you feel, your heartbeats overtime. Suddenly the radio pops on, you’ll hear a familiar voice. Suddenly you will know it is Alex Porter; your colleague that has been fired and medical researcher. You look around, and notices you are stuck in his house. Alex tells you, his has released a poison in the world, because you have destroyed his life. There is an anti-poison, but someone needs to crack the code of the safe…

Save the world is a nerve-racking teambuilding activity. With some cryptic clues and fascinating puzzles, you need to find out the mystic code by which you eventually can get the antidote and save the world.

While enjoying a drink, you and your teammates solving puzzles. Only 1 team can crack the code open the safe! Watch out, time is ticking and you need to save some time to get the final-code. Do you cause collapsing the world, or do you save the world?


  • A nerve racking teambuilding activity
  • From 10 up to 125 people
  • Playtime 2 hours
  • Included; guidance, necessities, each team 1 tablet, prize for the winning team.
  • The games are also in English, please tell when you book.
  • Also lots of fun during dinner; we can arrange this aswell.