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The Torture Chamber

min 2, max 8 persons
from € 17,- p.p.

How does it work?

This escape room, you imagine yourself in the distant past, this is the year 1603.

In the city ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Hazel is accused to witchcraft and sentenced to the stake.

In one of the dark vaulted cellars she is tortured and awaits, hungry and battled her verdict.

Escape is the only way to save Hazel from a certain death.

It is up to you, to dissolve puzzles, cryptic clues and numeric codes. All this within 60 minutes. Only with the correct solution from these puzzles you will get the key from Hazels room and free her.

Find the hidden key and escape the curse.


  • With a max of 8 people you will search for the key of the torture room.
  • It starts with an explanation of 15 minutes and then you will get 60 minutes to get out of the Escape room.
  • For this Escape room there is a minimum age of 16 years old.
  • This Escape room is also available in English. Please mention this in your booking if you prefer.