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The Da Vinci Code

min 2, max 8 persons
from € 17,-

How does it work?

Within only 500m from St Jans Cathedral, the Holy grail lies hidden in the middle of the Diocese.

You’ll get exactly 60 minutes to discover the secrets of the Holy grail. But, when you enter the room, the door will be locked behind you. There will be cryptic clues, mysterious numeric codes and inscrutable symbols; it seems almost impossible to find out the secret of the Holy grail.

Work together and try to solve the puzzles.

Only with the correct answers you will find the secret of the Holy grail that re-opens the door of room.

Do you reveal the age-old secret in time?


  • With a maximum of 8, you can try to reveal the secret of the Holy grail.


  • It starts with an explanation of 15 minutes and then you will get 60 minutes to get out of the Escape room.
  • This rooms is not suitable for people suffering epilepsy, due to stroboscope lights.
  • This Escape room is available in Dutch, English or German. Please mention your choise when you make your reservations.


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